which mechanical mod is for me?

We feel your pain

We know it can get confusing really fast. With all of the Misconceptions about Mechanical Mods all over the internet. You did your research and Here you are about to transition from Regulated Mods to Mechanical Mods only to get confused which one is right for you.


We have made a classification protocol on each of our products. This will define which mod is right for your skill level and experience in handling Vape Mods.

Our products will be classified in 3 Levels. Level 1 is the most user-friendly, Level 2 needs more experience and Level 3 is reserved for the Pro’s.

Based on your self-assessment. We can easily identify which mod is right for you. After that just follow our 3 step process and you are on your way to a one of a kind vaping experience!

our 3 step process

Choose your Mod

follow precautions

enjoy vaping

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