What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

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Sub Ohm is a term used in the vaping industry as when you build your coils or use a pre-made coil with a resistance of under 1 ohm ranging from 0.9-0.1 and its increments in between.

As you may know, vape mods produce vapor by heating a coil. This coil has a certain value of resistance measured in Ohms.

This generally dictates your vaping experience that is why it is very important to understand this term and how it affects your experience.

This factor alone could make or break your quest to quit smoking.


Why and How? you may ask.

Suppose you smoke a pack a day before you found out about

You want to quit the bad habit as it affects your health and those around you that you love and cherish the most. Kudos!

But you try it out for a day take your first hit and then tell yourself.. “I can’t do this even for another week”.

You dread the idea of going back to that corner store and buying another pack.

What can be done and how does Sub Ohm vaping help me?

“How you build your coil typically dictates how you vape and what experience you want out of vaping.”


You choose from a wide variety of E liquids and/or E juice and you say to yourself, “ah this is what I like to vape.”

How you build your coil is one important factor that
dictates how this will translate to the kind of vapor you are after.

Do you want flavor? Vapor or both? Mouth to lung vaping or Direct lung?

You may have the flavor but not much vapor in it, might as well enjoy a gum. You have huge vapor production but without the flavor to go with it.

Why you spent so much buying those flavored juices and that high-end Atty comes into mind.

The key here is to know what type of vape you are after and strike a balance between good hardware, great juice (the level of nicotine and PG VG ratio comes into play) and your coil build.

So what’s stopping you from building that ultimate coil that suits you perfectly? There are unfortunately limiting factors.

Once upon a time, batteries suck!






One of the best batteries you could buy back then.. Feeling old already?


With Variable or regulated mods, you could only build your coil down to only a certain resistance.

2.0 Ohms is as low as you can go else the chip wouldn’t let you fire the mod in the first place.

With Mechanical Mods or Mech Mods 1.5 is the lowest you can go. Probably why mechanical mods are popular then as it is right now.

Pushing the boundaries of vaping just so we can get that sensation we are all looking for.

This limit is all of course because of safety


Batteries then typically have an amp limit of 10a and with very temperamental chemistry so even if you can build lower than 1 ohm, you wouldn’t risk it back then.

Now as battery technology improves, we can build lower into the realms of the sub-ohm.


So why build low you say?


Have you tried vaping using a 1-2.5 ohm reading? If that ticks all the boxes for you then that is great!

But for some of us, it just doesn’t make the cut. No matter how great the design of the airflow is in your atomizer sometimes it just doesn’t have the “kick”.

While battling addiction, this “kick” is very important. It could mean the difference between you sticking with your commitment of breaking the bad habit or lighting up another stick.


Final thoughts


Sub Ohm or Sub Ohm vaping is just another factor you can explore before you put down that vape and say I can’t vape because smoking gives me a better sensation.

Exploring this variable gives you another perspective on how customizable vaping can be to tailor to your specific need.

If you need further guidance, check out our guide to Full Mech vaping here.



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