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We are all set and about to launch! Our online vape shop www.theserialvapist.com will be up and running on February 18, 2016 Philippine time. We may be the new kid on the block but what we offer would rock the world of the International vaping community!

What we offer is Quality assured Authentic products straight from the most trusted mod makers here in the Philippines. We will service Canada and the U.S. in North America, Australia and New Zealand in the Oceania region and U.A.E in the middle east.

We understand the need for quality vaping products and we saw that the most highly sought after mods are from here, My beloved country the Philippines. We at The Serial Vapist Inc. exist because we saw the demand for effective distribution of Pinoy made mods Internationally.

We offer uncompromised quality and sell only authentic products at the lowest possible costs we can offer. From payment to quality control up until the delivery of the item to your doorstep everything is secure and we shall be with you all the way thru your vaping journey.

Happy Vaping!

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