Horizon: E-Cigarettes – Miracle or Menace?

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With all the buzz lately about the upcoming FDA regulations and all the articles in the web that are skeptical about vaping,lets find the truth. Let us take a step back and look at the contrasting difference between smoking and vaping. This documentary is by far the most eye opening example of a scientific study […]

Vaping 101

  Are you Just starting out on vaping? Planning to quit smoking but nothing else helps?Then Keep reading!   What Is Vaping? Vaping is a healthier, less toxic alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vapers use a liquid (e-liquid) which replaces tobacco and is often mixed with food-grade flavoring for a unique experience. The liquid is vaporized […]

The Vaping Community

The First Subic Vape Expo Last February 6, The First Subic Bay Expo was held in Liberty Bar inside the former U.S. Navy Facility in Subic Bay, Philippines. The Philippine Team of the Serial Vapist Inc. was there to cover the event. Here are some photos taken by our Marketing Head Ms. Barry. Enjoy! You […]

Vaping News

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We are all set and about to launch! Our online vape shop www.theserialvapist.com will be up and running on February 18, 2016 Philippine time. We may be the new kid on the block but what we offer would rock the world of the International vaping community! What we offer is Quality assured Authentic products straight from […]