Vape Batteries : General Guide 2019

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Battery Safety

Guidelines | What to Check | Technology

This is perhaps the most important safety factor you should consider first before setting out on your vaping journey.

The most common battery type in use for Vaping is the Li-Ion or Lithium Ion batteries.

They are manufactured and designed to be used only in battery packs with proper protection circuitry and battery management systems, they are not designed for use in E cigs or Electronic Cigarettes or Vape Mods.

However this is the best and most stable battery type the vaping industry has available for use.

Vape Battery Guidelines

Mishandling these batteries can pose a serious risk for injury and property damage, so precautions should be carefully implemented.

  • Only use genuine batteries from reputable name brands
  • Only buy from trusted vendors of genuine batteries as clones are rampant
  • Never use a battery charger not rated for the specific battery
  • Use a battery charger which has a built in overcharge protection
  • The plastic battery wrap and the top ring should always be in perfect condition to prevent short circuiting the battery and cause battery bursting.
  • Never exceed the batteries CDR or Continuous Discharge rate ( Guide will be posted )

Buy only reputable brands! We cannot stress this enough. SONY , LG , Panasonic , Samsung are probably the only brands we will advise you to get and there’s a reason for it which not many vapers know, which we will discuss later.

Moving on make sure the batteries you are purchasing are Authentic.

Only purchase from trusted vendors. Always check the battery wrap and top ring for any damage or tear, this maybe trivial but a small tear in the plastic wrapping on the body of the battery or damage to the top plastic ring part (+) can cause a short circuit when placed inside a the Vape Mod and cause the battery to burst.

Have them re wrapped immediately before use.

There are many types and brands of batteries out there. Do your research carefully.

Vape Battery
Vape Battery
Vape Battery

Vape Batteries: Why only buy reputable brands?

Did you know that there are only a handful of Tier One Battery manufacturers in the world? Sony , Samsung , LG , Panasonic to name a few.

These companies have the resources and the technology to put up a manufacturing facility with strictly implemented standards.

Why do these standards matter you say? Keep reading and you will see how this is a big factor for both safety and performance.

So why is the market flooded with unknown brands?

The manufacture of these batteries follows a very strict quality standard that these mentioned companies adhere to.

Once a battery is produced it is tested for quality, these batteries does not always give a consistent rating.

One battery may fall within the threshold of their standard, others may go over or under it. In these cases these batteries are then separated and sorted out for recycling.

Recycle or Sell? (H4)

The batteries that were produced but fall over or under the desired specifications the company has set will either be destroyed for recycling or sold to another recycling company.

Since destroying these batteries for recycling is not very cost efficient, selling them is the most profitable way to go since there is demand.

These batteries are then re branded and advertised to have a particular rating and then re introduced into the market where there is huge demand due to the rise in popularity for their use in vape mods.

Vape Battery rating is very important for safety! 

Three words, Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR).You can check out Mooch on Facebook and see his reports. First let’s have a quick overview on the most common vape batteries are used in this industry.

Vape Battery

Typical 18650 Li-Ion Battery

Here is a picture of a Sony VTC4 18650 2100mAh 30A Battery. What does this letters and numbers mean? Let’s dissect it further.

  • VTC4 is the Model Name for this particular battery produced by SONY other companies have different models names such as HB4 or HB2 for LG or 25R and 30Q for Samsung.
  • 18650 basically pertains to the physical dimensions of the cylindrical cell, the first two digits in this case 18 means that the battery is approximately 18mm in diameter and the last 3 digits means that the battery is approximately 65mm in height.
  • Usually the size of the battery correlates to its capacity to store energy, the bigger the size the more capacity it provides. Also you have to keep in mind what size of battery does your mod accommodates. It is not unusual for a Vape Mod to include in the packaging battery adaptors to accommodate different size batteries as vapers demand higher capacity batteries than the commonly used 18650’s.

You might find other 5 digit designations for other Li-Ion batteries that are being used in vape mods but the description above applies to them also. Sizes such as :

  • 18350
  • 18500
  • 20700
  • 21700
  • 26650

2100mAh , the mAh means milliamp hour. It is a measure of the energy capacity of the battery. In general the more mAh the longer the battery capacity or battery life. The higher the number means that the battery can store more energy.

30A, means that the battery is rated for 30 amps. The A in 30A means Amps. Amps is the ability of the battery to discharge stored energy (current) When the battery is pushed beyond its limits, it can lead to battery failure or worse battery venting where the battery violently discharges its hot chemical composition.

Its both very enlightening and frightening at the same time isn’t it? Especially the last part. That is why we see to it that we don’t exceed the batteries limits based on its rating.

Going back why battery rating is very important for safety. Some brands mislabel their rebranded products as high capacity high CDR (Continuous Discharge Rating) batteries.

It’s hard enough to adhere to strict battery care and maintenance just to be victimized by mislabeling. This applies to  all vaping devices whether Regulated Mods or Unregulated Fully Mechanical mods.

The misconception of safety 

The idea that you don’t have to mind your battery that much when using a regulated device is just false. All these precautions stated in the Vape Battery Guidelines should be followed strictly.

More tips:

  • Do not put your batteries in your pocket or bag without a battery case.
  • Do not put your batteries with other metallic objects that may cause it to short circuit
  • Never put your batteries in a hot environment (i.e. in direct sunlight)
  • Keep away from children
  • When using it in a full mech mod, know when your battery is weak and replace it immediately, Do not over discharge. You will notice a considerable decrease in vapor production once the batteries are weak.
  • In a parallel or series vape mod always use “married” batteries

Married Batteries? What is it?

Married batteries is a term used to describe a pair of batteries that are always being used together. Meaning they will have approximately the same charge when used. Also they will have a very similar charge/discharge cycle count since they are always being used together.

Battery Deterioration

Batteries or in this case Li-Ion batteries deteriorate in terms of performance and capacity over time. They have a finite amount of charge and discharge cycle that once reached will have an impact on overall performance. Should you notice a significant drop in performance or capacity in your batteries discard them properly according to your local laws and replace them.

Helpful Article about Fully Mechanical Mods

If you are just starting out or planning to move up and use a fully mechanical mod, you can follow this link.




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