10 Best Authentic Mech Mods of 2020

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Time to upgrade from Regulated Mods to Full Mechs?

Before the Top 10 list here are a couple of points you have to check.


  • Make sure to have an authentic battery. Use only reputable brands like LG, Samsung or SONY
  • Check the battery rating, Should be capable of atleast 20A continuous discharge rate.
  • For Parallel or Series Mech mods use only “Married” Batteries preferably brand new
  • Never buy clones


Looking for the vapor mods that are best in its class? Look no further, below is a list of the Best Mechanical Mods from the first quarter of 2020.

The year 2019 has been a big year for the Vaping industry in general, we have seen lots of innovation in both design and functionality. Particularly so in the regulated mod scene. But when it comes to quality, durability and power delivery, nothing beats the Mech Mod. We will cover the difference between Regulated and Full mech mods in a separate post as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Full Mech Mods in the Market Today. The list is based on the number of sales, positive feedback, build quality and overall performance of the mod from the data gathered thru our research and www.theserialvapist.com.

We regularly update this content so please check it from time to time for the latest and greatest mech mods in the market!

Top 10 Best Mech Mods

10. Buhi Box Mod – Slipping in and out of our list not because this is a bad mod but because it is pretty hard to come by. These beautiful hand made works of art are made in small batches by one of our favorite modder Gatub Crafts.  As elegant but not as pricey as stabilized wood, these little wooden mods should be part of your mechanical mod collection as soon as you can get one.

9. Tower Box Mod – The Tower Box Mod took a while to catch up, probably because using quad batteries in para series is utterly ridiculous! Apparently not! That search for the ultimate power vape mod is inherent in every vaper, it just comes in different flavors I guess. This is for us just an awesome mod!

8. Atom X – Now this kind of creativity embodied in a mod is what full mechanical mods are all about.  Form and function perfectly infused, with its sleek flowing body lines make this a joy to grip and use. Able to accommodate 21700 – 18650 plus a full treatment of silver plating ensures awesome power and will require less cleaning and maintenance. The only thing holding this back climbing higher on our list is its rarity.

7. UDG V Series Mechanical Mod – Don’t let the size and simplicity of the design of this mod fool you. It is a classic and one of the most powerful box mods on this list. Experience raw 8.4 volts of power in less than a second! Squarely aimed for advanced vapers only!

6. Hades Box Mod – This box mod is some would say a continuation of the legacy that EL Diablo Philippines and Gatub Crafts introduced to the vaping scene. The collaboration between these two great modders has produced some of the most sought after mechanical mods in the market and the Hades mod is no exception. Parallel or Para Series? Choose according to your preference!

5. Halo – MCM Mods has always been at the forefront of Full Mechanical Vape innovation since its inception. This innovative and some may say crazy good mechanical mod can accommodate up to three RDA’s! if you can fit them! Superb ergonomics and a joy to use due to the placement of its springless switch, 18650 – 21700 battery capability, and not only that, but it is also para series capable with the separate booster kit!!

4. Diablo Tube X Demon RDA – The legend is back! El diablo is back in the game after a long hiatus. The Diablo Tube and The Demon RDA is the ultimate representation of the El Diablo product line that we have known and loved over the years. One of the pioneers in the mechanical mod scene they sure do know how to create a great product for their fanbase.

3. Revolver V2 – Now this is a surprise! Despite being launched almost two years ago nothing released since then matched the audacity and radicalness of this mod’s design. This is still a very good mod that could match even the newest generation of mech mods in terms of performance. Truly a testament to its maker GI Mods and the durability and timelessness of his design.

2. UDG Double Barrel- Moving up a couple of notches was no easy task for this bad boy, as series mech mod users are quite few because of the skill level that it requires. Having said that there is simply no substitute for the raw power a series mech mod will give. Compact and has a unique switch placement/ This is yet another sleeper mod that delivers raw series power! Plus a special edition full skull engraved version comes out once in a while, a pretty rare piece but one that is absolutely worth getting.

1. Doomsday V2 – From newcomer to the new King! This Awesome Box Mod has seen phenomenal success both in the local and international vape scene. We were lucky enough to snag one of the units from the first batch and boy oh boy this did not disappoint. A major leap in terms of design from the V1 and how the mech mod was built was one of the factors this mod is flying off the shelves like hotcake.  This mod truly shines especially when paired with the Axis V2.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical Mods are the earliest form of Electronic Cigarette “Mods”. These mods came about due to the need for more powerful devices other than the early forms of E-Cigarettes. Mechanical Mods are designed to deliver raw power from the batteries and doesn’t have any regulating chip or circuitry contributing to its durability and powerful vape experience.

Having said that, Mechanical mods are not for those who are just starting out. Using these types of mods requires knowledge of Ohm’s law , coil building, battery handling and overall safety precautions that comes when using any type of vaping devices.

A more appropriate starting point for newbie vapers would be the Regulated mod which has an extra layer of safety feature due to it having a control chip.

Using a mechanical mod gives you the freedom to completely customize your vaping experience, you do this by building your own coil down to the resistance that you like and of course up to but not beyond what the battery can handle.

There are a few parts to a mechanical mod:


Usually made of Delrin or Metals such as Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Silver. Some even have wood, stabilized wood, resin, and hybrid wood and resin. This houses the batteries.

Positive Contacts:

Usually made of Copper or Silver Plated Copper

Negative Contacts:

Underneath the device, often in the form of a twist cap used to tighten the batteries and also serve as the negative contact part. Usually made of Copper, Brass, Silver or Silver Plated Copper.

Button or Switch

Spring loaded button that acts as a switch to complete the circuit. Can be placed on top, on the side even at the bottom of the mod.

510 Connection

Built into the top part where the Atomizer sits, it is a threaded portion of the mod with a protruding pin designed to make contact with the pin on the bottom of your atomizer.

Hybrid 510

A “Hybrid” or Hybrid 510 is a type of a threaded connection but with a noticeable absence of the protruding pin from the mod. This type of connection instead relies on the 510 pin on your atomizer to make direct contact to the positive part of your battery.

Using a mod with a Hybrid connection reduces voltage drop but will require you to use an atomizer designed to be used for a hybrid. You will know if your atomizer is safe to use on a hybrid if you see a noticeable protrusion of the 510 pin.

I cannot stress enough the importance to know first if your atomizer is compatible for use with a hybrid.

Most Philippine Made RDA’s are compatible as it is a standard here to use a protruding 510 pin for all the atomizers. Although some brands are not, so it is still helpful to do your research first if your atomizer is safe to use in a hybrid mech mod.

Mechanical Mod Configurations:

Dual Parallel:

This configuration uses two batteries in Parallel connection. Doubles the capacity of the mod for endurance with the same 4.2v output. Recommended for vapers starting out on Mech Mods.

Series Configuration:

This configuration uses two batteries is Series connection. This Doubles the output 4.2 v+ 4.2v = 8.4v sacrificing endurance for raw power. This provides a dense powerful vape but requires a specialized build with higher resistance.

Single Battery:

Single Battery configuration is one of the most common configurations in mech mods. Usually found on mech tubes and single battery boxes it has the advantage of being compact and handy versus the usual box mod.

Para Series:

For the most extreme of vapers out there, this configurations uses both the parallel and series configurations. Doubling both the Power Capacity and Power Delivery usually in a four battery stacked layout. Requires a lot of knowledge in building coils and Ohm’s Law.

Are Mechanical Mods Right for you?

The Mechanical Mod Vape Device requires an intermediate to a high level of knowledge in vaping and is not intended for beginners. Beginners should start off using Regulated mods first and learn every safety precautions from there before moving on to Mechanical Mods.

What Mechanical mods represent is a next-level step up from the Regulated Devices. This is for those who cannot seem to find satisfaction vaping on Regulated mods and wants something else.

Mechanical Mods requires you to learn all the safety precautions by heart but it will reward you with a very satisfying vaping experience.

Mechanical Mods F.A.Q

Are Mechanical Mods Safe?

For the informed user, the answer is YES! Keep in mind that Mechanical Mods require extra attention from the user in terms of maintenance. These mods lasts a lifetime but they will require cleaning and proper inspection once in a while to keep them performing at their best.

Do they explode?

Yes, improper use of these devices may lead to battery failing and eventually venting. All devices that has a battery has a potential to explode including your smartphone or even a regulated vaping device.

What causes them to explode?

The most common culprit is the improper handling of the batteries. All batteries that goes into your device whether its a regulated mod or a mechanical mod needs to be inspected for tears or leakage. Second is a bad coil build and an incomplete knowledge of Ohms law. If you are uncomfortable building your own coils, have somebody with experience build them for you and don’t forget to measure the coils resistance using an ohm meter.

How can you prevent your mod from exploding?

Always inspect your mod and your batteries regularly. For the Mechanical Mod, make sure to always clean the contact points, the body and the internals with proper cleaning tools.

For the Battery check for tears in the battery body and terminals, have them re wrapped if you see any damage.

Never build your coils beyond your batteries specific capacity. Check the specific rating for your battery and build your coils with the resistance that’s appropriate for its rating.

How do I clean my Mechanical Mod?

Cleaning and maintaining your mod is essential for safe operation and an enjoyable vaping experience.

Clean the contact points and the internals thoroughly, these can be done with a simple dish washing soap and water, be mindful not to use acidic cleaning agents with silver plated internals. Let every thing dry before re assembling.

For Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel parts, use a soft cloth and metal polish to bring back that shine.

For Wood or Stabilized wood, refer to the modder as to how to properly clean them as normal cleaning methods may degrade the wood over time.

Do Mechanical Mods hit harder than Regulated Mods?

It can be said that Yes they do, due to very minimal voltage drop from your battery to your atomizer to your coil as Mechanical Mods do not rely on chips and other circuitry. Also the contacts in a mechanical mod typically is more well built and is made from solid copper, brass or even silver. This maybe subjective as other people might not feel the difference.

How Durable are the Mechanical Mods?

If I have to pick one advantage of the Mechanical Mod over the Regulated Mods it is their Durability. These devices lasts very long as they do not rely on any electronic chip that can give out at any moment. But as always proper maintenance is key.

Can I use a Tank with my Mechanical Mod?

Yes, just keep in mind that when using a Hybrid Mechanical Mod, your tank has to have a protruding 510 pin.

How to Safely Use a Mechanical Mod?

Always do proper inspection of all the components before using any Mechanical Mod. Always check the contacts of the mod, the insulation both in the mod if it has it and in the atomizer. Pay special attention to the batteries. Inspect the body for any tears and leaks, the terminals for any damage, know the rating of your battery and build accordingly never exceeding its maximum capacity and you will enjoy vaping any mechanical mod safely.


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