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E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the fifth estate

E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco - the fifth estate

Time for another video all of us vapers can relate to. This documentary tackles the history and growth of the vaping industry and in contrast how the tobacco industry evolved and how they are trying to penetrate the vaping scene. With all the known risk of cigarette smoking, people are now more than ever are […]

Nicotine: Is it really bad?


In this article let’s take a closer look on how society tagged Nicotine as the evil behind the ill effects of cigarette smoking and how it also affects the vaping community. A lot of us seasoned vapers and shop owners like to explain and talk about the benefits of vaping against smoking, we answer a […]

Horizon: E-Cigarettes – Miracle or Menace?

demographics of Ecig

With all the buzz lately about the upcoming FDA regulations and all the articles in the web that are skeptical about vaping,lets find the truth. Let us take a step back and look at the contrasting difference between smoking and vaping. This documentary is by far the most eye opening example of a scientific study […]