Vaping News: Philippine President Bans Vaping

The Philippines is in the spotlight now with the worldwide struggle regarding the people’s right to vape.

Last week, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he is banning the importation and use in public places vaping. He also ordered the arrest of any individual seen vaping in public.

This came as a shock to the industry as a very hardline approach. Yes, there are some undisciplined vapers puffing away in public even in non-smoking areas like parks and malls.

This amidst the long-term policy of vape associations here and even vape shops telling their customers “not to vape where they can’t smoke”.

Police started confiscating vape mods and arresting vapers caught violating the president’s orders. Although they cannot be held because there are no existing laws that penalize vaping.

All they had is an Executive order banning smoking in public and confined spaces nationwide. Smoking can only be allowed in designated smoking areas.


“Now, vaping isn’t even allowed in these so called designated smoking areas” One of our field officers reported

There is absolutely no scientific or even legal basis for this ban. The president issued an order and then threatened judges that if they issued any sort of legal resistance to his order that they will be punished. This is absolutely appalling, its as if we are living in an authoritarian regime.

Exportation and manufacturing is still allowed, as these policy makers are clearly misinformed. The ban on importation particularly vaping products from China will be a very big strain on the local market, as the Modders here could not keep up with demand as is.

We at the Serial Vapist will contribute and continue resisting this unlawful act. We agree that vaping should be done in a manner and place that will not offend anyone, specially those who do not understand the struggle to quit smoking.

As for our patrons who emails us concerned about the local vaping industry, we thank you for your concern and support. We assure you that our mission is steadfast and we will continue to provide you with quality full mechanical mods from the Philippines.

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