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Let’s change the world shall we?

Welcome to The Serial Vapist. We are a group of individuals trying to make a change in our lives. We were once smokers who are finding it hard to quit up until vaping came into the picture. Our initial vaping experience is what you call love at first taste. Vaping for all of us is hot, sophisticated and elegant.

Our lifestyle changed. Gone were the bad smell, the second hand smoke and the pollution…hence we became serial vapists.

With this, we want to influence others to switch unto a more classy form of addiction while transforming your smoking habit into a friendlier and safer personal lifestyle. Changing the world has never been easy. Our vision is to reduce tar induced sickness while eliminating second hand smoke for non-smokers.

The Serial Vapist will redefine your vaping experience. We offer a one-stop shop for premium products in an atmosphere suitable for everyone from entry level vapers to serial vapers like us. We are hip, cultured and you will find our team committed to customer service.

We are also comitted to “finding the best fit for you”. You deserve nothing less; and that’s what we’re all about. All of our products are safe and we ensure different devices, accessories and flavors for you to choose from!

Be a part of our community. Help us change the world. Become a Serial Vapist.

Meet the Team



Likes pets and the color red. Always excited about Christmas and New Year. Also thinks that rain and gloomy weather is fabulous.



Vaping Master. Cat lover and cool as ice. Thinks alot about the universe, relativity and quantum physics.


James Austin
Quality Control

Food lover and the risk reduction guru. One of the very first persons to advocate vaping in his town. Crazy about girls who loves teddy bears, food and pillows.



Is the team’s cheerleader and health officer. Likes the beach and cuddly things. Absolutely crazy about food, teddy bears and pillows


Quality and customer satisfaction are our most important guiding principles. In every aspect of our business, we are focused on providing superior product quality and services. We offer only legitimate products from top tiered and trusted suppliers. We even go to the extent of offering testing services before we ship our products. We add an extra line of quality control by including our own seal to the products.