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For almost two years now The Serial Vapist Inc, with www.theserialvapist.com has been at the forefront in bringning you the latest and greatest the Philippine vaping industry has to offer. We have been collaborating with various partner shops and re sellers around the world to bring you Quality And Authentic Philippine made vape gear.

Since our inception our mission has been to be a medium of effective distribution for these very much sought after products with the vaping community. After over 2000 transactions worldwide we never failed to give our patrons the satisfactory service that they deserve, and that we are very much poised to continue promoting Philippine made products and vaping in general as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Cheers to all our partners and patrons, thank you and you can expect more exciting products, the best deals and promos and more projects for the benefit of the vaping community as a whole.

As a bonus, here are some videos of our partner YouTubers, please do comment, like and subscribe to their channels for more vape product reviews.


Here are some videos where we were mentioned, Thank you Matty Ice of Convicted Vapes and Twisted420

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