Horizon: E-Cigarettes – Miracle or Menace?

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With all the buzz lately about the upcoming FDA regulations and all the articles in the web that are skeptical about vaping,lets find the truth.

Let us take a step back and look at the contrasting difference between smoking and vaping.

This documentary is by far the most eye opening example of a scientific study regarding the risks involved and the physiological effect of smoking versus vaping.

In it Horizon by BBC took a look at:

  • The origin of vaping
  • The tobacco Industry
  • Different smoking cessation techniques and its effectiveness
  • The effects of smoking versus vaping to our body
  • How effective is vaping as a smoking cessation tool
  • Effects of different flavors in our cells
  • The effects of vaping to our body
  • The effects of nicotine to our body
  • The effects of vapor to people around us

Here we can clearly see that though it clearly needs further research about the long term effects of vaping to our body, Vaping is still the safest most effective way of quitting the bad habit.

Credits to the Owner of the video, Horizon by BBC, many thanks for creating this very informative and very balanced documentary.

Enjoy and Vape Safe!

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