Help A fellow Vaper

I’m sharing this story for my fellow vapers, please do take time to read and try to help. Thank you.

From Lindsey Thompson via VAPE NATION Facebook Page:

Hi everyone I’m currently trying my best to sell my coils that I make 100% by hand with high quality wire and made any way you would like them to be made. I sell in them in bulk, Some types of coils going up to 32 coils in one purchase for 12$ and I allow you to mix and match so you don’t have the same coil to deal with in your purchase. It’s ALL up to you . Why am i so desperate to sell? Recently my seizure therapy dog was diagnosed with eye cancer and has to have it removed before it spreads to his brain. If that happens there is nothing left for anyone to do about it. I’m totally disabled and Cannot work so the only money I have trickling in is from sellng my coils. If you go to my instagram page: socal_maggot you will not only see ALL the different types of specialty coils I make but also pics of how badly Logan’s (my dog/sons) eye is constantly getting worse no matter the medications they have him on. I hope you can find it in your heart to either purchase some coils (just write me on instagram or on here) If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer and possibly negotiate. I will deliver overseas if the price is right. I’ve lost both parents and my sister right before her 30th birthday to THIS disgusting, horrible disease and I just cannot lose my life, my love, my everything, my therapy dog, my 4 legged furry son to this disease as well, hes ALL I have Left in this world and I owe him for everything he’s ever done over the years for me which I’ll never be able to repay him for. Please I beg you to either make a purchase on some greatly priced, High quality coils or please spread the word of this message I have left to you through ANY SOCIAL MEDIA OR EVEN NEWS OUTLET if possible. My Instagram is again socal_maggot. I hope to see you getting and ordering and giving me the honor of making your coils. Thank you. P.s. I recently opened a go fund me account also for Logan but I’m still learning how to share it. I do know that I have Sr lest share it on my Facebook main profile do if you would rather or could donate that way, it would mean more to me than anything in the world. Thank you one again.
Logan& Lindsey

Please go to this link or search for her on Instagram: socal_maggot

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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