Confessions of a Mech Mod Vaper : Vaporesso Luxe S Review

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Confessions of a Mech Mod Vaper:

Every once in a while we like to venture out to the “other side” of the fence. Check out what the Variable Mod/Regulated Vape Mod scene has to offer. How it has advanced since the vaping revolution began almost 10 years ago.

This article is what it says it is. Confessions of a Mech Vaper. A review of variable mods, RDA’s / RTA’s from a hardcore Mech Mod user’s perspective. After all, we are all in the same industry, and we want all the innovation and cool stuff we can get.

Vaporesso Luxe with Skrr S Subohm Tank Review:

First impressions.

Upon receiving the review unit, I was impressed by the packaging and presentation of the Mod. Very upscale, (we mech users are often used to ziplock bags) ? . The unboxing experience is kind of like unboxing a new smartphone.

Opening the package reveals the Mod and its included accessories. Standard Micro USB Cable, an extra Pyrex Glass (5ml), 1 x Skrr S Tank with pre-installed QF Strip Coil, 1 spare QF Meshed Coil, a silicone protector for the tank and the user guide.

The unit itself feels sturdy and has a decent weight to it, around 336 grams with the SKRR – S tank and batteries attached to the unit.

This Box Mod Kit features a huge LCD Display with very nice backlight and touch-sensitive sensors at the bottom of the screen to be used for adjusting your preferred settings.

This is by the way a touch screen unit with a huge TFT Screen boasting Vaporesso’s OMNI Board.

Impressive packaging and with all these goodies included, its a nice value for its pricepoint.

A big feature: Huge LCD Screen with touch sensors located adjacent to the Vaporesso Logo.


Pretty straightforward. Five clicks turn the unit On and Five clicks OFF. Three clicks unlock the touch sensors which allows you to adjust settings mainly the Wattage. The Luxe S Mod can go up to 220 Watts with the OMNI Board. The mod takes in Two 18650 batteries.

The Display gives you information that you need like the current wattage, the resistance of the build, Voltage, puff counter, puff duration, battery levels and time. Talk about maximizing that screen real estate to good effect.

Menu includes your standard adjustments and profiles for temperature control, variable voltage settings and bypass modes.

The firing button is located on the side, has a nice hard clicky feel to it. It can get tricky if you want to adjust the settings without actually turning the mod OFF.

Compact and sturdy, I think they got that Luxury Vibe just right with this one.


Performance is at par with the best out there. I have benchmarked this with my Lostvape Triad DNA 250 and the performance is pretty close. Review of that unit is coming soon.

One of my concern is that sometimes it is displaying different levels of discharge between the two batteries, one battery tends to discharge faster that the other one. Maybe an issue with the discharge balancer so as always, I do not recommend charging your batteries via the USB port.

Battery life is subjective, I guess. Since I am a mech user I tend to dwell on the higher end of the wattage spectrum. 100 Watts to be exact. Using the pre-installed coil on the SKAR S tank yields almost a day of operation for me.

Now I don’t know if anybody would use the device with a higher wattage setting, but 99 watts hits the spot for me. Of course, using higher wattage means less battery life. With the battery indicator at 10%, the mod dials down its output and eventually gives me the low battery warning.

The response time is very good. One of the features of the OMNI Board that Vaporesso specified is the 0.001Sec Instafire. I don’t have the equipment to measure that but coming from a mech mod, im pretty used to very quick response time when it comes to firing the mod.

The unit tends to heat up with continued usage. I don’t know why but it must be me, chain vaping it at 100 Watts, my method of testing is I try and replicate the experience of using a full mech mod on each variable mod that I use.

I would say that using a parallel mech mod, one could match the endurance of the Luxe S Mod.

The Vaporesso Luxe S takes in dual 18650’s. Response time is great as advertised.

SKRR S Tank.

Some thoughts on the SKAR S Tank, I am really not a fan of SubOhm tanks but I have to give credit to the coils that are included in this Kit. Would definitely hit the spot if you are not into rebuildables.

It gives you a nice flavorful vape and another pro is that it holds 8ML’s of Eliquid. Cons for me is that the tank tends to leak, even if it’s just sitting there with the mod upright.

It worries me that the juice could leak thru the 510 and screw up the board or circuits inside which I think is still the Achilles heel of variable mods.

Its a nice tank with a massive 8 ML capacity. You won’t be refilling e-liquid that often. The flavor is impressive too!

Do not forget to “Prime” that coil before use!

Conclusion and Rating

The Luxe S with the SKRR S Tank is a nice starter kit to have.  If you are new to vaping this would tick most of the boxes. It gives you a nice compact mod with all the information you need presented to you on that very nice display.

It removes the hassle of rebuilding and re wicking your coils as the pre-made coils that comes with the kit offers very good performance. Just get a nice pair of batteries (Sony VTC 5a) and a good dual bay charger and you are good to go.

If I have to rate this from 0-10, I would give this a score of 6.5 Considering the pros and cons.

My Daily driver tank sitting on the Vaporesso Luxe S. Used for performance benchmarking.


  • Nice Screen
  • Compact
  • Consistent performance
  • Very responsive firing 
  • Variable Voltage


  • Tank tends to leak
  • Inconsistent battery reading
  • Battery Endurance
  • Unit tends to heat up at 100 Watts chain vaping

The Luxe S Box Mod Kit can be purchased thru the Vaporesso website here with an MSRP of $97.90



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